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FTRI exhibits in a 2018 FIN/SUM, Japan's largest FinTech summit. FINSUM will be held in Tokyo Marunouchi area from September 25 to 28, 2018, with hundreds of boots and events. In this year, FINSUM is co-sponsored with REGSUM, a regulation related technology event. We are planning to hold exhibition booth and workshops as well. For more details, please see the following link to the official page.
25-28 SEP 2018

Tomoyuki Miyagi (Executive Managing Director) joined the panel discussion at the event hoseted by ADBI and Bank of Thailand "Innovative Finance for Future Growth”
6-7 AUG 2018

Tomoyuki Miyagi (Executive Managing Director) joined the panel discussion at the event “Improving Business Environment in Vietnam : Credit Risk Management for Trade and Investment” which is organized by StoxPlus and Credit Information Centre (CIC) of the State Bank of Vietnam (Ha Noi, Viet Nam).
14 MAR 2017

Products & Services

Credit Risk

  • Monitoring
  • Simulation
  • Model Validation
  • Ratings
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  • Nikkei News Sentiment
  • Fraud Accounting Risk
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  • Basel Regulation
  • Model Evaluation
  • Risk Appetite
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Credit Risk Management Tools

Risk Monitoring

Early credit risk warning & monitoring of portfolio credit risk

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Risk Simulation

Financial statement simulation to forecast credit and business risk

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Model Validation

Credit risk model validation to check and improve performance

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Credit Risk Monitoring Tool :


CrediScope is a Merton model based early credit risk warning tool. The tool provides estimated credit ratings and scores, covering over 35,000 listed companies for more than 50 countries and regions.

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Credit Risk Simulating Tool :


AERIS is a financial statements simulating tool. The tool can be useful for credit risk simulation and financial strategy planning.

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Credit Ratings Estimation Tool :


RADAR is a credit rating estimation tool. The tool is equipped by annually adjusted models to keep consistency with R&I (the largest credit rating agency in Japan) ratings. The tool is suitable for internal credit rating system for financial institutions.

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Model Validation Tool :

Model Checker

Model Checker is a model validation tool. The tool enables users to get necessary statistics for evaluating accuracy of the quantitative models easily. Financial Institutions can use the tool for complying with regulations.

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Investment Information Services

NIKKEI News Sentiment

News Dolphin is a Japanese news
classification engine powered
by the Nikkei R&D project.

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Fraud Accounting Risk

Fraud Risk Assessment tool is
for accounring frim
to detect fraud accounting risk level

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Japanese News Classification Tool :

News Dolphin

Responsible for R&D within Nikkei group companies,
FTRI has been instrumental in the development of the Japanese language news analyzer "News Dolphin".
"News Dolphin" is a Japanese news classification engine
powered by the Nikkei news articles.
The tool is suitable for investors seeking timely investment opportunities in Japanese market.

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Fraud Risk Assessment Tool:

Fraud Risk Detector

FTRI developed a statistical fraud detection model.
Accounting firms and investment companies can easily monitor fraud accounting risk.
FTRI is the research fellow in fraud accounting detection for the Japanese FSA (Financial Services Agency).

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Advisory Services

Basel Regulation

Risk management solution
compliant with
Basel II regulation

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Model Evaluation

Model evaluation and
by our data science experts

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Risk Appetite & Exposure

Risk simulation with
forward looking and
macro prudence

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Our Competency



Continuously validated and adjusted model using the dataset of 600,000 companies for over 15 years from reliable sources.



Estimated credit ratings of our models are consistent with the ratings given by accounting experts in rating agencies.



FTRI has 15 years of experience specifically in credit risk management model building. This can be observed from our range of products.


Research Papers

About FTRI

Financial Technology Research Institute, Inc.

FTRI was established in April 1999 as a subsidiary of R&I, the largest rating agent in Japan,
specializing in providing risk management software and consulting services.
Currently, FTRI is a wholly owned company by Nikkei Inc., and has a good reputations in credit risk management societies within Japan with a number of clients including financial institutions, asset management companies, and government agencies.

Our Partners

FTRI History

Our Clients


  • Governmental Financial Institutions
  • Investment Banks
  • Trust Banks



  • Asset Management Companies
  • Insurance Companies
  • Security Companies
  • Leasing Companies



  • FSA:
    Japanese Government Financial Services Agency
  • Regional Banks Association of Japan (the association of
    64 Regional Banks)

Global Firms/

  • Big Accounting Firms
  • Global Investment Banks

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