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SMACOM can provide our exclusive information on a daily basis for investment decision making based on alternative data as well as the latest AI technologies

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Why Choose Us

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Analytical Technology

Established know-how for analyzing and modelling data, through which valuation of firms can be made.

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Data Sources

A wide variety of structured data ranging from traditional ones such as financial data in all the listed firms in Japan to alternative data such as text-based ones processed with news provided by our affiliate companies, Nikkei and QUICK.

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Various Scores

5 market scores including news sentiment and 3 risk scores such as credit score. Also being readily able to refer to data from news, financial statements and earnings results.

Usage Example

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Main Functions

Market Score
Risk Score

    Natural Language Processing(NLP) is applied to firms' text-based news from Nikkei newspaper and QUICK, and judges whether the context of the news is positive, negative or neutral. We are one of the members in Nikkei group, so have exclusive access to their data.

    NLP is utilized to MD & A(Management's Discussion and Analysis of financial condition and results of operations) section in the financial statement, and learns the complexity of the statements such as readability and lexical diversity. And then they are converted into score. The more advanced tools of NLP than in the case of News Sentiment Score above can lead to our unique score.

    One-quarter ahead financial numbers can be predicted through our product, AERIS, which is our simulation tool for financial forecasts. The score is calculated based on those forecasts. We have established our risk management tools for years, so the scores through those tools can be unique and different from those normally derived from financial data.

    While the score is derived from widely-used financial data, it is almost uncorrelated with Fama-French 3 factors.

    The composite of the 4 scores below, which are summed up by optimized weights for an objective.

User Voice

Large international hedge funds and asset managers also use our data/scores.


About Us

SMACOM is a tool for reducing your burden in analyzing data. While Nikkei Group holds a wide range of unique data, we are constantly searching for new data. The process of collecting and structuring data requires a lot of work, but SMACOM can do it for you; we collect, process, analyze and model data all straight through. When it comes to modeling, in particular, we have establised our own know-how for risk management for years, so we can provide those scores in a way that it is easy for you to understood them. Regarding UI, it is user-friendly and sophisticated one reflecting clients' feedback, and has been well received by our clients. We have received feedback from our clients that they can complete their operations using only the UI, and that they want to use it for personal use as well. We take pride in our product, SMACOM, which can be utilized in the new era of Asset Management DX. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.
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For a Cutting-Edge Investment Management